As you may have recently heard, our farm broke with the PED virus approximately one month ago, despite our best efforts to keep it away from our farm. Where it came from or how it got onto our farm remains a complete mystery to us. However, we were very fortunate to have most of our litters farrowed prior to the break, and most industry professionals we have been working with believe we have contracted the "weak" strain of the virus, since we have experienced very little death loss, even among our youngest of litters.

We have been in close contact with both our consulting veterinarian Dr. Max Rodibaugh, as well as Dr. Dale Hendrickson with Four-Star Veterinary Service, and they have been extremely helpful through the entire process of dealing with PEDv on our premises. With their guidance, we will continue to hold ourApril 6th Farm Sale, April 8th online sale, and May 3rd Farm sale as planned. Additionally, Daniel Hendrickson will be flying out to attend our April 6th Sale. Through Four Star Veterinary Service, Daniel helps show pig farms deal with PEDv on a daily basis, and he will graduate Veterinary School from Purdue University in May and we consider him an authority in his field. He will be available throughout sale day to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Considering the time frame in between our farm's exposure and our April 6th sale, we are confident that most all of the pigs offered will be through the "shedding" phase of the virus and thus should not be able to infect other swine they come into contact with. However, should any customer so desire, we will gladly house your purchases until we confirm them negative for PEDv via an Iowa State lab test. As always, our local veterinarian Dr. Leroy Burnham will be on site at the sale and will be able to write health papers for our out of state customers.

ATTENTION OREGON CUSTOMERS: Due to the State of Oregon's swine import requirements regarding PEDv, our veterinarian Dr. Leroy Burnham has been in contact with the Oregon State Vet Office. We will be able to house all of your sale purchases and conduct a test for PEDv the week following the sale. Considering the time frame of our exposure, and all of the information we have received from multiple veterinarians very familiar with PEDv, most all of the pigs should test negative by that point. Once your pigs have tested negative, we will be able to provide you with a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for entry into Oregon. Additionally, we have tentatively scheduled a trip for delivery to the Medford and Klamath Falls regions forSunday, April 13th to accommodate our customers.

Lastly, we are excited to inform our customers that since your show pig purchases have already been exposed to the virus, they will no longer be able to contract the symptoms of PEDv. What this means: In the event they become exposed to PEDv whether at their new home or at a show somewhere, they should not get sick or exhibit symptoms of PED. As rampant as this virus is, and as quickly as it is spreading across our state and the country, we believe this will prove to be a great advantage that our pigs are able to offer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or text Russell at any time at (530) 681-9811, or via




Thanks to all of our customers, friends, and acquaintances for making 2013 our most successful year ever! We wish you the best of luck with your Ottenwalter Show Pig! We are anticipating over 100 litters to be farrowed between Christmas and early March. Please check the Sows Page and Sires Used section of our website to view what we're expecting! If you have any questions, please call or text Russell at (530) 681-9811 or via email at


Look for Photos of sale pigs posted on this page a week prior to our sales.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions on your projects - we want to help you succeed!

If you have any photos of your 2013 Champions, please email them and we'll have them put on our
Champions page - a Champion Overall at a county, state, or national show is worth $100 credit at one of our pig sales! Sorry jackpots don't count! 

For more information, or to request litter info, please call or email
Russell at 530-681-9811 or
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Ottenwalter Farm Sale #4

Colusa, CA

May 3

Preview - 11:00 AM
Sale - 1:00 PM

Ottenwalter Online Sale

May 29



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