Californication x Blurred Vision 113-2 x Visionary 71-2

Stress Status


Mating Suggestions

Name List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
(After 10m PST) (After 1pm PST)
Name List Price Overrun Last Call
American Spirit 250 200 150
Boomawang 150 150 150
Breaking Rules 64-1 200 150 100
Cease and Desist 250 200 150
Different League 400 300 250
Foresight 200 150 100
Game On 300 200 150
Hands to Yourself 200 150 100
May We All 200 150 100
Mongo 150 100 100
Rowdy Rebound 200 150 100
Straight White Male 200 150 150
Trump Train 200 150 100

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  • Mongo was bred here and sold to Malay Show Pigs a couple years back as one of the highlights of our summer boar sale. When Earl called and told us he was selling out, we jumped at the opportunity to get him back!
  • Mongo is a boar that was bred with a purpose and is highly linebred. His sire, Californication was a (Sunshine & Whiskey x Renig 28-9) boar we sold to Chris Fischbacher that made some hellacious barrows for those guys in Texas. Mongo’s dam was the 113-2 Blurred Vision sow who was an incredible show gilt for Makayla Sciortino, and her dam 71-2 raised the Overruled boar we sold to Upperhand, Objection, and the Lexi’s Grand Barrow at Arizona Nationals in 2017.
  • Malays used this guy on all of their gilts and told us that he sires small babies at birth. True to his pedigree, he will help downsize while adding big muscle and pin width up high with outstanding mobility.
  • We are excited to run this guy through a bit and no doubt we will lean on him to make us both some winning show barrows and keeper gilts.