Collection days are Mondays and Thursdays.

Please contact Russell via phone or text at (530) 681-9811 or Noa (541) 281-8080 to place orders.

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American Dream

Californication x Blurred Vision x Visionary

Stress Carrier

Owned with and housed at Maximum Genetics

Kill Bill

Owned with and housed at Lean Value Sires


Californication x Blurred Vision

Stress Carrier

Owned with and housed at Malay Showpigs

No Mercy

No Fare x Perfect Remedy 4-8

Stress Negative

Owned with Mike Fischer & SGI

Organized Chaos

Mayhem x Got Em

Stress Unknown

To purchase semen contact Upperhand Genetics


Rule 21 x Visionary

Owned with Cobb Farms

Ear Notch: 224-5

Stress Negative

Price: $500/dose

Off-Season Price (Oct 7th-March 1st): $250/dose

Sold to Upperhand Genetics

Ski Patrol

Mountain Mike x First Take ($10,000 Grand Overall 2018 San Angelo Stock Show)

Ear Notch: 260-1 – Registration: 154724001

Price: $200/dose

Off-Season Price (Oct 7th-March 1st): $100/dose

Straight Survivor

**Clone of Scared Straight**(Main Event x Warfare 73-6)

Stress Negative

Owned with and housed at Morrow Show Pigs. To purchase semen, please contact Brad Morrow at (509) 366-8170.

Wet Dream

Dirty Secret x Visionary

Sold to Upperhand Genetics

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Ottenwalter Show Pigs uses the highest quality technology available to process our semen, however we cannot control the conditions under which the semen is used or the techniques used in application, and therefore, make no warranties or representations beyond those made expressly herein. Ottenwalter Show Pigs warrants that the product sold is of exceptional quality and viability when it leaves the farm. Ottenwalter Show Pigs makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations, either written or oral, expressed, or implied. We also do not make any guarantee concerning conception rates, breed purity of sires, liability of semen or health of the product. In the unfortunate event that any of our product is damaged in shipment or proves to be defective, damages resulting shall be limited to the purchase value of the semen. In no event shall Ottenwalter Show Pigs be liable for consequential or incidental damages.