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Collection days are Mondays and Thursdays.
To order semen please call or text:

 Russell (530) 681-9811
Dustin Andrus (208) 969-0193
Nick Heidrick (530) 632-0931

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All full priced semen is guaranteed to settle. All guarantees on discounted semen are based on our discretion. The buyer must notify Ottenwalter Show Pigs of sow recycling within 30 days of semen ship date. Replacement semen must be used within 60 days from the original semen ship date. GUARANTEED SETTLE DOES NOT TRANSFER FROM ONE SEASON OR YEAR TO THE NEXT. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges. Your account must be paid in full to receive replacement semen.

BD 40-1

BR 64-1 x Straight Survivor x Fortune x Renig 28-9

Stress Negative

Owned with Top Cut Genetics


BD 40-1 x Up Down 124-8

Sold to Top Cut Genetics

Wed Locked

Wedding Night x Lock It Ups mom (Kissing Cousins x Outta Hand x Triple X)

Stress Negative

Owned with Top Cut Genetics



Wedlocked x May We All 224-10

Sold to Upperhand Genetics


3 Peat x Outta Line 52-9

Sold to Crossroads Genetics

Free Agent

BD 40-1 x Breaking Rules 64-9

Sold to Shipley Swine Genetics


BD 40-1 x Rockstar 196-5

Sold to Morrow Show Pigs

Boomtown 78-5

Boomawang x Jack in the Box x First Take

Owned with SGI
To purchase semen, please call 800-247-3958

Coast to Coast

End Game x Rockstar

Bred by Steve Harvey Family

Owned with Hi Point Genetics and Genetic Force Showpigs


May We All x Visionary 254-2 x Swagger 3-6

Stress Negative

Owned with Shaffer’s Goldrush

Country Anthem

Wedding Night x He Is What He is x Sunshine & Whiskey 41-2

Owned with Shaffer’s Goldrush

Life Rolls On

May We All x Rockstar 196-5 x Bad Man 112-8 x Fame Monster 37-6

Stress Negative

Owned with Shaffer’s Goldrush

Midnight Sun

Shine Again x Good Time

Stress Negative

Owned with Shaffer’s Goldrush

Circle Back (Chester)

Selfish Ambition X Jack In The Box 138-1 X First Take 7-7

Stress Negative

Owned with Shaffer’s Goldrush

Up Down

13-2 x (Wedding Night x American Bad Boy x Monster Square 46-1)

Stress Negative


Owned with and housed at Morrow Show Pigs. To purchase semen, please contact Brad Morrow at (509) 366-8170.