Anything Goes


Outbreak x Foresight



Mating Suggestions

While we are anxiously awaiting our first litters, we anticipate Anything Goes will work best on big ribbed, moderate framed sows that need more look, extension, and shape.
AG should add front end extension to a high level while maintaining pastern strength, squareness, and build.


  • Our photographer Zack Lear loves this boar so much he blew his photo up and hung it on his wall.
  • Anything Goes takes the combo of front end extension and sheer ruggedness of skeleton to a new level and he is as sexy as they come!
  • His skull, bones, and feet are extremely big and he’s as loose skeletoned and naturally up headed as they come
  • 115-12 Foresight momma is quickly becoming one of our best young sows and she shares the same dam as May We All.
  • What a winning show barrow should look like!