Bear x Super Monster x Vintage

Purchased From

Tom Nasser

Bred By

Final Drive Genetics


Special thanks to our friend Tom Nasser in Arizona for letting us bring this rascal to Colusa and try him on some elite females! When Tom told us about this boar, we were instantly intrigued by his pedigree — for anyone that hasn’t noticed, Bear has been flat getting the job done on every level. Aside from winning major barrow shows, Bear sons and daughters are contributing at the highest level within the Cobb program. But it gets better yet — Bear Money’s momma (blue sow pictured below) is a Super Monster x Vintage female direct from Cobb’s who was a multiple-time Grand and Reserve overall on the IJSC show circuit in Indiana. We think Bear Money is made just like daddy! He is moderate framed, extremely stout featured, and awesome through his center body. His squareness from every angle you view him is outstanding and he is made to produce hogs that can flat get the job done — in the show ring and out. The pedigree and genetic predictability cannot get much better! We will be utilizing this guy quite a bit as we mate sows this summer and fall!