Urban Cowboy x Born To Be 154-10

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  • Being brutally honest, in our opinion Yorkshires are a mess right now! It’s nearly impossible to find a York boar that’s not terribly flat pasterned and/or messed up in his ham/loin junction. And IF you can find one, he’s likely messed up somewhere else. In our continued effort to produce the most fault free, quality show pigs that we can, we stumbled upon the Urban Cowboy boar at Oklahoma State during our March 2017 visit. He had an older, different kind of pedigree and a really complete set of pigs on the ground in Stillwater. Long story short, we bred about a half dozen sows, sorted through their pigs, and we really feel we can make breed progress with the females we laid back and with this rascal now in our boar stud!
  • Cowboy Staude will not blow you away in terms of mass, power, or bone. He’s good in those areas and we read him as both ultra complete and great balanced. Where he will wow anyone serious about Yorkshires is in how good skeletoned he is. He has a textbook set to his pasterns and will fix problems in that area. His ham/loin junction is perfect and his length of stride and looseness of skeleton is tremendous.
  • Cowboy Staude’s dam is the most productive littermate to Born Ready, and she shares the same dam as the $37,000 El Dorado boar we sold to Hi Point two years back — the great Ricochet 1-1 sow that was the Champion Purebred Gilt at Tulsa in 2015. We continue to build our York program around her and her daughters.
  • We think this guy is the ideal candidate to breed to these modern day moderate, powered up Yorkshire females that need to be a notch bigger in their kind and just better built. He will see heavy use in our program and we believe he’s a big step in making Yorkshires better. We’d like to congratulate our good friend John Staude on the tremendous program he built at Oklahoma State over the years. A true hog man who has played a big role in helping us better our Yorkshire program!