Xtra Swag x Super Monster



Bred By

Newcastle Genetics and purchased from Small Town Genetics


  • We would like to sincerely thank our friend James Backman for the opportunity to bring Cowboy Swag to Colusa!
  • Over the years, Cowboy is undoubtedly one of the very best boars we’ve ever used in our program and he has already had a long lasting effect on our herd- we have over a dozen daughters in production and they are all amongst the very best top end of our females.
    The “winning percentage” of the Cowboy’s is one of the highest of all the sires we’ve ever used
  • We believe Cowboy has more value now than ever– his added size and extension up front, picture perfect chest, knee, and front feet, and tremendous pin width make him our most exciting sire to put back on both the Wedding Night and Sunshine lines. He will once again sire a large percentage of the litters farrowed in Colusa in 2018!

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