Never Before x Rockstar’s mom (Visionary x Hot Wired x Magic Man x Perfect Remedy)

Mating Suggestions

  • Foresight works extremely well on a variety of females and he does a great job of painting his progeny up with belted, chrome, very attractive color patterns. Pigs are small at birth. He will sire LOTS of bone and hair, a big chest, and a big pinset with good range of motion off both ends.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn this guy loose on your best ones. His semen quality is exceptional and he never lets you down — he is one of those rare boars that doesn’t sire a bad litter.

Bred By

Logan Farnham


Name Frozen Semen List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
Name Frozen Semen List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
American Spirit 200 250 200 150
Anything Goes 200 150 150 100
Baby Boomer 150 150 150 150
Back to the Future N/A 100 100 100
Boomawang 150 150 150 150
Breaking Rules 64-1 200 200 200 150
Cease & Desist N/A 300 250 250
Foresight 150 150 150 150
Game On N/A 300 250 250
Hands to Yourself 150 150 150 150
Hidden Intent N/A 250 200 150
Junior 250 150 150 150
May We All 150 200 150 150
Mongo N/A 100 100 100
Playboy N/A 150 125 100
Outbreak 150 150 150 150
Rowdy Rebound 250 250 200 150
Safe Zone N/A 150 100 100
Straight White Male 200 200 200 200
Sun Daze 100 100 100 100
Trump Train 200 250 200 150

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  • We named this boar Foresight because Mark had the great foresight to get him bought as a baby online before he grew up and became untouchable. We’ve never been so impressed with how a boar has matured and Foresight will see the most broad use of any new sire across the females here at Ottenwalter Show Pigs
  • Foresight offers HUGE feet and toes and the spread to his toes is freaky big — they remind us of Super 7’s toes years ago. He’s so tremendously flexible in all of his joints and offers a textbook hip and hind leg
  • He’s so tremendously STOUT in his skeleton and his front end is picturesque — he reads like a man through his skull and jaw and his chest is huge and square.
  • Winter 2022 UPDATE: Foresight has serviced a large chunk of our matings for the winter/spring of 2022/2023. We are so thankful to have this boar to go back to and truly believe he was a bit ahead of his time when we purchased him. His bone, hair, and moderate frame along with his true athleticism make him an awesome choice for gilts as well!