13-2 x (Wedding Night x Mandingo)




  • This great pair of 13-2 boars has had us extremely pumped up all fall and we couldn’t wait to start breeding sows
  • Good Time is one tremendously stout, yet great built individual that offers a little different pedigree on the bottom side. His dam, Wedding Night 9-1, is a littermate to the Grand Champion Barrow at the 2016 Arizona Nationals shown by Cheyenne Murdock. SHe and her sister 9-2 are two incredibly impressive sows to look at and they’re as dense and stout as they come. Their dam, Mandingo 30-4, was purchased at OYE a few years back and bred by Willie Kirkpatrick and she was double bred Hillbilly Bone.
  • Good Time has a perfect, monster chest laid into him and we love his depth of rib and how dense he is through his center body. Like his half sib Up Down, his pasterns are perfect and his hind leg is ideal. This rascal is extra heavy legged and yet balances extremely well. In our opinion, it’s so rare to find a boar that can both add power and all the extras, yet still advance us in terms of pasterns, flexibility, and general build. He will see heavy use here in Colusa!

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