Never Before x Undisputed x Solid Monster



Bred/Purchase History

Bred by Trogdon Show Pigs and purchased from TKO Genetics


Name Summer Pricing Now thru July 2 List Price Summer Pricing Now thru July 2 Overrun (After 10pm) Summer Pricing Now thru July 2 Last Call (After 1pm)
American Spirit 200 150 125
Buckle Down 250 200 150
Bel Air 200 200 200
Different League 300 250 250
Family Man 250 200 200
Game Plan 200 150 125
Game On 200 150 125
Heavyweight 300 250 250
Rowdy Rebound 150 125 100
Straight White Male 200 150 150
Toy Story 300 250 250


  • Hands to Yourself is a littermate to End Game and he has made a tremendous impact on our program since his arrival in late 2020
  • “Hands” bred a very large percentage of our sow herd upon his arrival and as a result, we have more Hands daughters working in the herd than any other sire and they have made incredible females for us
  • Hands will sire much like his brother End Game in terms of bone, hair, and a square, correct build but he will add a shot more muscle and back shape
  • Hands sires smaller pigs at birth and he is our “go-to” sire to use on gilts
  • We believe Hands is one of the best-kept secrets of the show pig industry and we honestly don’t know where we’d be right now without him. With the current pedigrees and phentoypes in the show ring in 2023, we think this guy has a TREMENDOUS PLACE to continue to make an impact. Take advantage while we still can!