Meishan Boar Starvin Marvin


Pete x June


Name Summer Pricing Now thru July 2 List Price Summer Pricing Now thru July 2 Overrun (After 10pm) Summer Pricing Now thru July 2 Last Call (After 1pm)
American Spirit 200 150 125
Buckle Down 250 200 150
Bel Air 200 200 200
Different League 300 250 250
Family Man 250 200 200
Game Plan 200 150 125
Game On 200 150 125
Heavyweight 300 250 250
Rowdy Rebound 150 125 100
Straight White Male 200 150 150
Toy Story 300 250 250

**Pricing on Meishan boar semen is $200/dose with no overrun or last call. Please give us as much notice as possible**

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  • Full brother to Leshawn James at Hooks
  • We have entered the Meishan business as of the summer of 2023 with the purchase of our original stock from Drake Hook!
  •  Please contact Russell or Dustin for pricing and purchase of purebred Meishan progeny.
  • Marvin has served as our heat check boar at our isolation barn since the summer of 2023 and he has been nothing short of exceptional in that role.
  • Marvin is the taller, bigger framed boar of our two Meishans. He’s got a big ribcage and offers a shot more pipe with a stout hing leg and big rear foot.
  • Marvin and Drake will switch places this winter and Marvin will service our Meishan females for parity number two.