Outta Line x (He is What He is x Sunshine & Whiskey 41-2)




Name Frozen Semen List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
American Spirit $150 $250 $175 $150
Anything Goes $250 $250 $150 $125
Baby Boomer $150 $200 $150 $125
Back to the Future $150 $150 $125 $100
BD 40-1 $350 $350 $250 $250
Boomawang $200 $200 $150 $125
Breaking Rules 64-1 $250 $250 $175 $150
Dirty Zack $150 $150 $125 $100
Foresight $150 $200 $150 $125
Hands to Yourself $150 $200 $150 $125
Houston $200 $175 $150
Jack Daniels $150 $150 $125 $100
Junior $250 $200 $150 $125
May We All $150 $200 $150 $125

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  • May We All get to see a boar this good someday!
  • May We All get to be a part of one this special someday!
  • This is the boar of our dreams and he brings a big smile to everyone’s face on a daily basis.
  • Yes you are reading his pedigree right! On the bottom side, grand dam 41-2 is our very best Sunshine & Whiskey daughter and she’s intensely linebred (Sunshine & Whiskey x Renig 28-12 x Perfect Remedy 4-8)
  • After years of planned matings and lots of patience he is finally here and he is WAY BETTER than we ever imagined. He will bring change and bring it the right way.
  • We’re very proud of all of the boars we have raised over years. Not only the ones that have sold really well, but also those we kept here that have contributed at a high level and made show pigs better. Big Time, Heatwave, Big Step, Shooter, California Kid, Scared Straight, Sunshine & Whiskey, and Outta Line to name a few. That being said, there’s no doubt in our minds, at least at this stage, who is the most special: May We All.
  • Perhaps one of the most gratifying moments for me was when Mark saw him out on the lawn and told me he’s the best one he’s ever seen. He wanted to name him Ray Donovan because he’s the baddest man he’s ever seen on TV. May We All get that feeling about a show pig someday!
  • No semen will be offered at this time. An abundance of May We All sired pigs will be available here in Colusa starting this summer!

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