Rule 21 x (Visionary 71-2 x Monumental 54-5 x Toxic 69-4) Littermate to Overruled at Upperhand Genetics




  • We are pumped to introduce this elite Rule 21 son who is a littermate to both the Overruled boar we sold to Upperhand Genetics in addition to the Reserve Champion Crossbred Barrow at the NJSA Western Regional and class winning heavy cross at Arizona Nationals shown by Meghan Garren. He hails from an incredible litter containing those three elite males and a pair of mouth-watering keeper gilts as well.
  • His dam 71-2 also raised Alexis Hernandez’s Grand Champion Barrow at the 2017 Arizona Nationals and she is one impressive, stout made female that goes back to the great “Bacon” 91-3, our original sow herd matriarch.
  • When Objection injured his hip last fall, due to space limitations in the show barn we moved him to our grower barn up the road with a full feeder in a pen of about 20 boars. Upon bringing that set back to the main farm we couldn’t believe how impressive this rascal was.
  • Objection brings both rugged stoutness and tremendous look with extension to the table. His front one third is impeccable — offering a mega stout skull and jaw coupled with the extension all these young judges like to talk about. The best part is his pastern strength, squareness, and length of stride are exceptional and we expect him to improve basic build while contributing look and bone to a high degree. His late sire, Rule 21, has contributed at a high level to our program and we expect the same out of Objection as he sees heavy use here in Colusa going into the summer.