Point Maker 72-7 x (Super Monster x Linebred Spud (Dam of Colt 45))



Owned With

Hi Point Genetics & Heimer Hampshires


When a picture of 19-1 was texted to a friend recently, the response back said “Hampshire sired ehh?” and my response was this “How else can one avoid Warfare, No Fare, Hillbilly Bone, Monumental, Bone Thug, Swagger and any other prominent Crossbred sire of the past few years?” Lots of folks are looking for something dierent and we are pretty sure 19-1 can fill the void! There is no question, the blue sow aectionately known as ‘Colt’s Mom’ around here is the kind to build around. Her progeny – not just Colt but also her daughters – are making a bigger impact with each passing season and when she was bred to PM 72-7 we had one ultimate goal… make a boar. We wanted to make a son that could be the outcross sire that we – and so many others – need for our crossbred program. The litter was deep (mate gilts pictured) but the standout was 19-1 and he is EVERYTHING we hoped for. Colt 45 was really heavy structured – especially for a Swagger – and yet this guy takes structure to a whole new level. He is huge footed, big legged and stout at every indicator. For a power hog he’s flexible, athletic and still great looking on the move. We plan to use this boar and even more, we truly believe the industry needs this boar. The door is open and the opportunity is here for a breeder, or group of breeders or a stud to partner with HH on one we think is incredible.