Breaking Rules x Visionary x Swagger 3-6

Littermate to Breaking Bad, the $50,000 Exchange boar we sold to Thompson Brothers Genetics



Mating Suggestions

Outbreak will sire tremendous look and design from the side along with a SUPER SHARP front end. He will sire muscle and shape to a high degree.
He will correct structural issues, he will bring those extra wide ones’ hocks in and correct any longer, flatter pasterned ones. He will sire tremendous reach off both ends.
Outbreak has worked best on wider, stouter females that need more look and to be built better. He can handle the power sows and will only improve their skeletal build.
He has outstanding semen quality and sires large numbers of small pigs at birth. Has been a “go-to” sire for gilts!

Name Frozen Semen List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
(After 10m PST) (After 1pm PST)
Name FROZEN SEMEN List Price Overrun Last Call
American Spirit 200 300 250 200
Anything Goes 200 300 250 200
Baby Boomer 150 200 150 150
Back to the Future N/A 150 100 100
Boomawang 150 200 150 125
Breaking Rules 64-1 200 250 200 150
Cease & Desist N/A N/A N/A N/A
Foresight 150 250 150 150
Hands to Yourself 150 200 150 150
Hidden Intent N/A N/A N/A N/A
Junior 250 200 150 150
May We All 150 200 150 150
Mongo N/A 150 100 100
Outbreak 150 250 200 150
Rowdy Rebound 250 400 300 250
Straight White Male 200 200 200 200
Sun Daze 100 150 100 100
Trump Train 200 300 250 200

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Outbreak had an AWESOME 2021 and the impact he’s made for us already in his young life is enormous!

  • He sired Kenze Boyce’s Champion Dark Cross Gilt and Reserve Grand Overall at CYAE in addition to the MAJORITY of our 2021 fair grands and reserves.
  • Paige Vierra’s recent RESERVE GRAND BARROW AT ARIZONA NATIONALS was a clone of Outbreak
  • Outbreak has laid in two phenomenal sons to our boar stud, ANYTHING GOES and ROWDY REBOUND!
  • Outbreak is a littermate to the $50K Breaking Bad boar we sold to Thompson Genetics and he has an intensely linebred pedigree around the Swagger x Black Attack 3-6 sow, a line we have been cultivating for the past several years.

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