Hush Money x Never Before x Undisputed x On Target




American Spirit
Buckle Down
Bel Air
Different League
Family Man
Game Plan
Game On
Rowdy Rebound
Straight White Male
Toy Story

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  • We are PUMPED to announce the arrival of Playboy to Colusa, CA! He is owned in partnership with our friends Brandon and Dennis over at Doughty & Grove Show Pigs. He was a boar we tried to buy as a young hog and they received an offer they couldn’t refuse from a breeder in Texas. After a short stint in Texas, he is back in his home state and making great semen!
  • We expect Playboy to bring power and moderation to a high level. He is a monster chested,  bold ribbed boar with extra big legs and feet and a massive skull. He is currently seeing heavy use across both our programs on more elevated females that need a shot of power and density.
  • Playboy’s dam was the Grand Overall Gilt at the Arizona Nationals in 2019. His grand dam on the bottom side was Grand Overall Gilt at the California State Fair in 2018, bred by Cobb.
  • In just one litter farrowed for us last fall, Playboy sired the fourth Overall Hamp Barrow at OYE. We are excited to bring this guy into the genetic mix here in Colusa!