Adderall x Jasper 75-7

Reg #

Reg #: 403071002

Ear Notch




  • Ritalin is the first and likely not the last elite Adderall son to be added to stud. His dam was Brianna Cebollero’s dominating red show gilt in the fall of 2017 bred by Rodibaugh that was named Grand Overall Purebred Gilt at the Arizona Nationals (Jasper x Al). We retained two elite littermate sisters, one of which was Meghan Garren’s 3rd Overall Purebred Gilt at the California State Fair
  • Ritalin is a great designed, awesome built boar that’s very complete in his make up and isn’t going to get you in trouble anywhere. He reads square coming and going, he’s great pasterned, and up headed with a tremendous look. He’s bolder ribbed than his sire and comes in a notch bigger package frame-wise. We’re excited about what he brings to the table, genetically he’s an outcross on the bottom side and his sire is intensely linebred. Great red boar that needs to be used!