Safe Zone


Rusty Cage x Straight Survivor 87-6


Pending (Assumed Negative)


  • Safe Zone is the Rusty Cage son we’ve been looking for! Rusty Cage was used extensively in our program in 2022 with tremendous results and Safe Zone is the most elite son we have found!
  • Safe Zone’s dam is a highly prepotent (Straight Survivor x Shooter 17-10 x Perfect Remedy 4-8) sow who is bred very similar to the dam of the BD 40-1 boar at Top Cut.
  • Safe Zone will be used to build females in our program and we expect his linebed pedigree to help ensure consistency and emphasize the prolific traits his sow family contains
  •  Safe Zone is big legged, dense bodied, and offers an impeccable skin and hair texture that we all so desperately need in our show barrows. We expect him to work best on moderate framed, heavier muscled females that need more extension, genuine width, and mobility.