Fame Monster x No Fare 10-11 x Perfect Remedy 4-8

Clone of Sunshine & Whiskey



Price per dose



  • These Sunshine clones couldn’t grow up fast enough! We are BEYOND excited to start breeding sows to these guys!
  • While Wedding Night and now Outta Line are getting lots of credit for their stellar siring records and ability to generate big time winners, Sunshine & Whiskey played a MAJOR ROLE in setting this next generation of sires up for success through his daughters and grand daughters.
  • Arguably “Sunshine & Whiskey” has more value now than ever before — we saw it with Straight Survivor, who out sired Scared Straight and these boys will offer lots of merit to come back on these stouter made Wedding Night and Outta Line females
  • Linebred pedigree that combines many shots of Super Monster and Super 7, and grandma is our legendary Perfect Remedy 4-8 sow
  • To this day, Sunshine & Whiskey has sired more “BIG TIME” individuals produced by this firm than any other sire, including: The Reserve Dark Cross Barrow at the State Fair of Texas The Reserve Grand Barrow at the Sioux Empire Farm Show The $16,000 Blocker gilt at OYE 2016 The Reserve Middleweight Hamp Barrow at San Antonio 2016 The $8000 Grand Overall Weanling Gilt at the 2016 Major League Sale
  • In our experience with this business, the impeccable hip and hind leg design gets more done in the show ring than any other trait and no doubt these boys sire it to the level Sunshine did. LOTS of breeding value in these guys!