Sunshine & Whiskey x Scared Straight 21-1




Name Frozen Semen List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
American Spirit 250 300 200 150
Baby Boomer 150 200 150 150
Boomawang 150 200 150 150
Breaking Rules 64-1 250 250 200 150
Cease & Desist N/A 350 250 200
Foresight 200 200 150 150
Game On 350 350 250 200
Hands to Yourself 200 200 150 150
Hidden Intent N/A 250 200 150
May We All 250 250 200 150
Mongo N/A 200 150 125
Playboy N/A 200 150 125
Outbreak 150 200 150 125
Rowdy Rebound 250 300 200 150
Straight White Male 200 200 200 200
Trump Train 200 250 200 150

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  • Shine On comes to us from Willie Kirkpatrick after we had sold him as an elite barrow prospect for OYE. Willie called us in January and said this one is WAY too good to cut. A tremendous statement coming from Willie, who had such an incredible and dominating set of barrows shown at OYE that year.
  • Shine On’s dam was the popular Champion Division 1 Crossbred Gilt at the Arizona Nationals in 2015 and her pedigree is (Scared Straight x Renig 6-7). The Renig 6-7 sow is a littermate to the Smoke on the Water boar we sold to McCoy’s that we used hard (Renig x Smack That x Super 7)
  • Shine On offers a killer look that screams barrow sire. He’s extra tall fronted and pulled wide apart through his chest. He patterns up awesome from the side and has that trademark Sunshine impeccable hip and hind leg
  • The non-black Sunshine & Whiskey son that we’ve been waiting on! He combines two of our most successful genetic lines and in our opinion is a near perfect outcross for the Wedding Nights!
  • Shine On has proven he can get it done time and again on all levels. He sired the Grand Champion Barrow at the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo shown by Madilyn Norvell, and he followed that massive win last year with the great pair of barrows shown by Meghan Garren who were named Reserve Light Cross at the California State Fair and Grand Champion Overall at the Nevada County Fair. Meghan’s Nevada County barrow also was a class winner at the California State Fair and he was truly one of the great barrows we’ve seen the last few years. Get with the program, get with Shine On!

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