Silver Bullet


Karma Clone x Kill Shot




SILVER BULLET!!! This is one absolute stud of a blue boar!! In fact, regardless of color, SILVER BULLET has been one of the favorites of many visitors of this new set of boars!! SILVER BULLET was our $30,000 weanling purchase from Ottenwalter Showpigs at The Invasion #2 pig sale in Texas! Russell gave us a heads up on this one and thought he was very special and after getting a video on him, we knew he was THE blue boar we had been looking for to add to stand alongside Grey Goose to form a dynamic duo of blue belt boars! SILVER BULLET is a product of a bred female purchase that Ottenwalter made from Morgan Genetics (IA)! SILVER BULLET is sired by Karma Clone (Dirty Secret x Best Man), which is obviously a clone of the great Karma boar that was at Morgan Genetics! SILVER BULLET’S mother is sired by Kill Shot (Curtain Call x Outmanned x Best Man) providing him with a unique and intensely linebred genetic package! As the popularity of blue and “light cross” pigs soars with the addition of specific color divisions at more shows across the country, we believe that SILVER BULLET has a chance to make a major impact and can be a dominant force in that arena for years to come!! When you need to take down the competition, it’s always good to have your gun loaded with a SILVER BULLET!!

SILVER BULLET is one stout critter! He reads with stoutness and sheer density at every indicator— from his skull/jawline down to his enormous feet, he reads like a man!! On the profile, he immediately strikes you with a sharp look, flat back, and paints a perfect picture of balance and proportionality! SILVER BULLET is loaded with muscle and product from end to end, with a huge hip and rump! He is busted open coming and going with the kind of width and power it takes to win in the big ring! For all this extreme power, he still is able to get out and handle it with ease and comfort, taking a long stride off both ends of his skeleton. His legs are BIG and he maintains this size down to his feet and toes, creating a strong foundation. We think this is one exciting young sire with enormous potential! Everyone needs a SILVER BULLET!!!