Wedding Night x American Bad Boy 119-7 (ABB x Swagger)




  • We were feeding this rascal for World Pork Expo but when the time came we just couldn’t bring ourselves to load him up!
  • Brings stoutness, bone, and power to a new level — his skull, forearm, and blade are truly massive and he matches it with big time pipe underneath!
  • Has a huge, robust center rib laid in him and is impeccable in terms of squareness to the ground, both through his chest and from behind
  • His dam 119-7 is a rising star in our program, and he comes from an exceptional litter with mate gilts topping the Sweethearts for the Summer Sale at $16,000 and our January Farm Sale at $5,000. She brings a little different genetic package to the table to put back on top of our current predominant lines here in Colusa!