Short Bus x Fortune x Warfare

Stress Status


Mating Suggestions

We are breeding Houston to taller, more extended females that need more bone, width, and power. We expect him to down size a bit and maintain skeletal integrity while adding some “punch”!

Name List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
(After 10m PST) (After 1pm PST)
Name List Price Overrun Last Call
American Spirit 250 200 150
Boomawang 150 150 150
Breaking Rules 64-1 200 150 100
Cease and Desist 250 200 150
Different League 400 300 250
Foresight 200 150 100
Game On 300 200 150
Hands to Yourself 200 150 100
May We All 200 150 100
Mongo 150 100 100
Rowdy Rebound 200 150 100
Straight White Male 200 150 150
Trump Train 200 150 100

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  • Houston is an under the radar STUD we’ve got laid back in the arsenal!
  • Houston is a clone of the Reserve Grand Barrow at Houston 2018 shown by Katelyn Cozart. I judged him in December as a smaller barrow at the Black & Gold where he won for fun and I couldn’t get him out of my head for a long time. After a couple years of trying, we’ve finally got a clone we can put to work!
  • This rascal is extra stout and hairy with tremendous back shape and spread up high. We expect he will sire muscle and shape to a high degree while keeping them stout and good built enough to win in 2022 and beyond.
  • Thank you to the Cozart family for working with us to get this thing done