Trump Train


Trumpet x Little Bro x Tier One

Stress Status


Bred by

Mollett Genetics

Mating Suggestions

Trump Train is a tall fronted, great designed boar that is bigger in his kind and can be taken to those more moderate ones.

Breed Trump Train to those powered up females that need to be better built and better looking and he will do the rest!

Trump Train is big Chested and big pinned and very athletic off his rear two. Use with confidence across the board and we do expect smaller pig size at birth – our first litters are coming soon!

Name Frozen Semen List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
(After 10m PST) (After 1pm PST)
Name FROZEN SEMEN List Price Overrun Last Call
American Spirit 200 300 250 200
Anything Goes 200 300 250 200
Baby Boomer 150 200 150 150
Back to the Future N/A 150 100 100
Boomawang 150 200 150 125
Breaking Rules 64-1 200 250 200 150
Cease & Desist N/A N/A N/A N/A
Foresight 150 250 150 150
Hands to Yourself 150 200 150 150
Hidden Intent N/A N/A N/A N/A
Junior 250 200 150 150
May We All 150 200 150 150
Mongo N/A 150 100 100
Outbreak 150 250 200 150
Rowdy Rebound 250 400 300 250
Straight White Male 200 200 200 200
Sun Daze 100 150 100 100
Trump Train 200 300 250 200

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  • We probably didn’t promote this boar as good as we needed to through his first season but he looks incredible at this point and he’s going to get used hard in Colusa for summer litters!
  • If you’ve seen Trumpet at Mollet Genetics, Trump Train looks like a spitting image of his sire.
  • We are especially excited about Trump Train as many of our better barrows out this winter are sired by Trumpet
  • TRUMP TRAIN was the PICK OF THE LITTER we purchased in the Vegas Showcase from Mollett Genetics and the rest of his litter grossed over $80K in their spring sale.
  • He is a full sib to the Grand Barrow at the 2020 Tulsa State Fair
  • He is out of the same sow as the $80K No Introduction and the $45K Winters gilt shown at OYE this spring.