Outta Line Clone


Outmanned x (Visionary x Rock Solid x Limitless)




Name List Price Overrun – (After 10am PST) Last Call – (After 1pm PST)
(After 10m PST) (After 1pm PST)
Name List Price Overrun Last Call
American Spirit 250 200 150
Boomawang 150 150 150
Breaking Rules 64-1 200 150 100
Cease and Desist 250 200 150
Different League 400 300 250
Foresight 200 150 100
Game On 300 200 150
Hands to Yourself 200 150 100
May We All 200 150 100
Mongo 150 100 100
Rowdy Rebound 200 150 100
Straight White Male 200 150 150
Trump Train 200 150 100

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  • When we began having semen issues with Outta Line at the beginning of his second season we knew we needed to get on the ball getting a clone in the works. While that process has taken a while, it has been worth it and we PROMISE YOU this dude is more relevant now than he was back in 2019 when he dominated litter after litter.
  • In the new era of wicked front ends and crazy bone, Outta Line should prove to be the master and he will sire those traits with less structural issues than most anything out there
  • In just his initial crop of pigs, Outta Line sired the Reserve Grand Champion Barrow at Denver 2019, the Grand Champion Market Hog at the 2019 Missouri State Fair, Reserve Grand Barrow at Tulsa 2018, the Reserve Grand Overall Gilt at the 2018 American Royal, Reserve Grand Barrow at the 2019 California State Fair, and Reserve 4-H Barrow at the 2019 California State Fair amongst many other big winners nationwide .
  •  Dam is the best daughter of the great sow we purchased from H2 Genetics two years ago Littermate barrow was Champion Division 1 at the American Royal shown by Lauren Bliss. Another littermate barrow was Grand Overall at the Central Indiana Fall Classic shown by Cody Maxwell. Short bodied, barrel ribbed, and huge pinned with a killer look and great build. Outta Line brings a massive skull, monster rib, and big features with the blue color pattern and he does it in a great built package. He’s been a major contributor for us and has sired big winners on all levels.